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virusVirus and spyware removal

The Internet can be a dangerous place for computers! Computers can often get infected, leading to a lot of downtime and even permanent loss of data. We can remove viruses from your computer without losing your data, and give you tips on virus prevention. We have a complete line of virus and spyware removal tools, along with the technical expertise to make sure your computer is virus-free.

OS Troubleshooting

Very often when your computer develops a problem, the issue lies not with the hardware but with the operating system. Microtek Systems offers troubleshooting for a range of operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Our team of professionals is trained to troubleshoot and resolve any OS issues you may face.
Other frequent operating system issues we can address for you:

  • Blue screens
  • Lost operating system
  • Driver conflicts
  • OS update problems
  • Misconfiguration

The operating system is the most important software on your computer, managing all hardware and application resources. So what happens when your computer system crashes? Call the pros!