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PC and Laptop Repair

repair1If your laptop or computer breaks down or gets damaged, it likely puts a hold on everything else. Not having access to the internet and your other files can be extremely stressful. If you are in this situation, don’t wait to get your computer fixed and your life back in order. At Microtek Systems we offer the kind of laptop and PC repair clients turn to for quick and reliable service. We honestly diagnose and quickly repair computers that have fallen into disrepair. It’s important to pick the right doctor when you get sick– now you can be sure to receive the same attention and professionalism from those who revive your computers!

PCs and laptops are prone to breaking. There are many components inside a computer that can become dislodged or get out of alignment. Small problems, physically and virtually, can turn into large problems later. We offer the breadth of knowledge to repair all brands of laptops and desktop PCs, including Macs.

We know the tricks of the trade to properly diagnose your computer and provide you with the best PC and laptop repair this area has to offer. Call us today!

  • Hardware and software repair
  • Replacement of keyboard
  • RAM and optical drive replacement and upgrades
  • Data backup
  • Wireless configuration
  • Computer upgrade
  • Software installation

If your computer is experiencing the following symptoms, we can help you!

  •  Slow performance
  •  Power issues
  •  Boot-up issues
  •  Connectivity problems
  •  Clacking or metallic noises
  •  Freezing or not responding
  •  Virus and spyware infection
  •  Computer shuts down/restarts by itself
  •  Overheating
  •  Broken laptop DC power jack
  •  Faulty motherboard
  •  Keyboard damage
  •  Hard drive running out of space
  •  Cracked or broken LCD screen
  •  Liquid damage

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